Inspiration for “Dreams, Dear” from Sam Baker’s story and song

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Art inspires art. Pain inspires beauty.

My song, “Dreams, Dear” was indirectly inspired by Sam Baker’s heartbreakingly painful story and beautiful song, “Angels.”  Since reading his story in an NPR article last May, one line has stayed with me, sometimes consciously, always unconsciously.

It is social commentary that works at every level, from the broadest sense of all of humanity, to every division of government, all the way down to any two individuals.  It’s at this level for me – particularly the relationship between me and my best friend, C.C., who happens to also be my wife and the mother of our kids – where Sam’s line is the best way to get my heart across.

It’s almost embarrassing how trite my use of the line may seem in comparison to Sam’s experience that inspired the line, yet Sam was still generous enough to allow the use of the line without asking anything in return.

The 7 minutes it takes to sit down and hear his story and song is time well spent.

“Everyone is at the mercy of another one’s dream.” – Sam Baker, “Angels”

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