New song!

My friend and author Steve Daugherty asked me to write and record a brand new song inspired by and as a companion to his upcoming book, Experiments in Honesty.

I don’t know if it represents a new direction for Claybrook or not, but it’s definitely got a different sound and feel than my last two EPs. Up tempo. Piano pop. It’s my take on what a Ben Folds/Billy Joel collaboration might sound like. Lyrically, it’s inspired by Steve’s book, some of my own experiences, and…well…something I heard once on Conan.

“Heard It Once On Conan” is immediately available as a free download exclusively for those who pre-order Steve’s book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or You’ll also get the first chapter of the book and an exclusive bonus chapter not in the book.

Read more about the book and pre-order here:  Experiments in Honesty, by Steve Daugherty



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  • BJ Jean on

    Love, love, love this new Claybrook song!

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